Youth Mountain Bike Programs, Clubs & Camps – A Complete Guide For US

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Mountain Biking is a great way for kids to engage in an athletic activity, experience nature and develop healthy habits all at the same time. Oh yeah, and mountain biking is insanely fun too!

I wanted to put together a resource that can connect parents with local mountain bike programs, camps, clinics and coaches in your local area. As a parent I know how frustrating it can be to find a camp or club that your child will enjoy. Mountain biking is a such an amazing sport so I hope this list will help guide you to a program that will be educational and inspiring for your child.

Please see our complete list of mountain bike programs, camps & clinics for kids below.

This is a living and breathing blog post! If you run a mountain biking program for kids and it is not listed here please let me know and I’ll get you on the list. Just email me at with the details.

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  • Cheaha Mountain Bike Race Team – This race team is open to all levels of riders. They are located in East Central Alabama. One of their recent races took place at Oak Mountain State Park.


  • Chugach Mountain Bike Riders – Chugach puts on a youth summer mountain bike camp for ages 8-14. It takes place on the Mirror Lake single track.
  • SprocKidz – SprocKidz is a Summer mountain bike program geared towards kids that are 8-18 years old. It’s based out of Matanuska Lakes State Park, Mile 36.4 Glenn Highway, and also the Government Peak Recreation Area.


  • SoulRide – SoulRide is based out of Prescott Arizona. They offer kids camps, clinics and guided rides. The mountain biking phots on their site look epic. Prescott is definitely on my bucket list for a MTB trip.
  • BetterRide – BetterRide is based out of Scottsdale AZ and offers private lessons and small group sessions for all skill levels. Although they offer advanced training for more experienced riders they do offer beginner classes as well.


  • Camp Mountain Bike – This camp is put on by the Bentonville Parks & Rec Department. The camp is based out of Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Park and is limited to 30 participants.
  • Northland MTB – Northland MTB hosts a weekly ride for little riders. And rotates the trails every few weeks so the kids can experience new tracks.


  • Truckee Youth Summer MTB Camp – Based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains your kids will have an absolute blast at this Summer Camp.
  • Otis Guy Mountain Bike Camp – This camps boasts some high level counselers that have extensive experience on a mountain bike. Camp ages are from 8-14 years old.
  • SoCal Dirt – SoCal Dirt offers clinics and camps year round. They are located outside of the Los Angeles area.
  • YBONC – Youth Bicyclist of Nevada County is located in northern California east of Chico. Their mission is to promote health and wellness through biking.


  • Colorado High School Cycling League – Most of the events are geared more towards High School age kids. The group also covers Wyoming and New Mexico.
  • SMBA – Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures offers camps race programs and adventure trips.
  • Kids On Bikes – Kids On Bikes has a few upcoming events the first is “Bike To School Day” and also “The Great Bicycle Carnival”


  • CCAP – The Connecticut Cycling Advancement program offers you clubs for both road biking and mountain biking. All skill levels are welcome and the program is structured in a seasonal team format.


  • Newark Bike Project – This a very affordable program priced at only $10 per session. They focus on community service, bike skills and maintenance and fun rides!


  • Swamp Mountain Bike Club – The Swamp mountain is a non-profit organization that often hosts events for local kids. The organize volunteers to build and maintain some great singletracks in Florida.
  • Florida DEVO – Florida DEVO is dedicated to the development of you mountain biking in Florida. They have XC teams and compete in local events.
  • Club Scrub – A great option for local young riders. They have family groups rides take on the local trails.


  • Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League – This club is geared more towards middle school and high school aged kids. They do have some developmental camps that are for younger riders.
  • RAMBO – Roswell Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization is located just outside of Atlanta. They do offer mostly adult MTB events but mix in a few family friendly events as well.


  • Hawaii Mountain Bike Association – The Hawaii Mountain Bike Association puts together trail work days, guided rides and youth races. They are also starting to create events on all islands of Hawaii.


  • SWIMBA – South West Idaho Mountain Bike Association does trail builds and maintenance events. They also host clinics for young and beginner riders.
  • Idaho International Cycling League – The Idaho International cycling league is geared towards high school riders. It’s a great resource for high school aged kids that want to get involved in mountain biking at a more competitive level.


  • Janesville Youth Mountain Bike Club – The Janesville Youth Mountain Bike Club doesn’t make cuts so everyone makes the team. They focus on helping youth build up there mountain bike skills and fitness.
  • Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association – The Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association puts on mostly events for adult riders. But they do offer some races and events for young riders.


  • Dinoseries – The Dinoseries or DO-Indiana Off-Road offers camps and races for kids aged 8-14 years old. They also have trail running events for kids as well.
  • DNKPresents – DNK Presents offers Children’s mountian bike clinics at Flat Fork Creek in Park Fishers Indiana. Kids aged 7-15 are welcome.


  • CITA – The City of Iowa Trail Association offers a Dirty Duathlon with a kids division. They also have an annual event called “Take Your Kid Mountain Biking Day”.
  • IMBCS – This is a competitive adult race organization. They do offer kids divisions in most of their races.


  • Kansas Cyclist – The Leawood City Park Mountain Bike Camp is located in Leawood Kansas. The camp is for kids aged 11-16 years old.
  • Urban Trail Co – If you are looking to volunteer with your kids and help to maintain and protect the trails for future generations. Urban Trail Co has events throughout the year. It’s a great opportunity for youth to give back.


  • KYMBA – Kentucky Mountain Bike Association hosts annual mountain bike races and trail runs. There website has a list of all races that include a kids mountain bike race.
  • The Park Lands – The Park Lands at Floyds Fork offers a variety of kids and family friendly mountain bike events. They events range from kids races, camps and clinics.


  • Shreveport Bicycle Club – The Annual Cane River Plantation ride is open to kids under the age of 18. You can expect to get a swag back and a t-shirt when signed up for this event.


  • Bicycle Coalition of Maine – The bicycle coalition of Maine puts on events throughout the year. They host events and also offer some great tips and resources for young riders so that they can ride safely on the roads or on the trails.
  • Healthy Kids Happy Kids – Healthy Kids Happy Kids has put together Summer Mountain bike camps in three different areas of Maine: Cousin Island Community House, Sandy Point Beach, and the Yarmouth West Side Trail System. The kids are divided by age from 7-9 year old and 10-13 year old groups.


  • Baltimore Youth Cycling – Baltimore Youth Cycling is geared towards kids aged 8-18 years old. The start you off with cyclocross which is held in an off road setting. Kids learn how to move around obstacles and learn new skills in a safe, pressure free environment.
  • Calleva – Calleva is an overnight camp with a few weeks of day camp. They focus on teaching kids the basic fundamentals of mountain biking. Campers should feel comfortable riding off-road before attending the camp.
  • The Bicycle Escape – The Bicycle Escape hosts clinics geared towards kids ages 6-12 years old. This is a great way to introduce your child to mountain biking.


  • NEMBA – New England Mountain Bike Association hosts a kids mountain bike festival annually. It’s loaded with a kids race, games contests and learning opportunities for kids 5-15 years old.
  • Highland Mountain – Highland Mountain is a great option for camps, lessons and private coaching. The programs are designed for kids aged 6-16 years old.
  • Thunder Mountain Bike Park – Thunder Mountain Bike Park is one of the fastest growing bike parks in New England. They offer lessons and skills camps and they have trails designed for all skill levels.


  • Grand Rapids Dirt Dogs – Grand Rapids Dirt Dog’s mission is to inspire kids to have adventures outdoors. What better way than to teach them how to mountain bike. Kids are divided into 3 main age groups. 2-5 year olds, 4-7 year olds and 7-16 year olds.
  • MISCA – Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association is a great option for middle and high school aged mountain bikers. You’ll find a full list of events and email contacts to local high school teams in your area on the website.


  • Minnesota High School Cycling League – A great resource for high schoolers looking to compete in the sport of mountain biking. You’ll find links and contact information on this site for teams in your area.
  • The Loppet Foundation – The Loppet Foundation has summer camps based on mountain biking. Camps are geared towards kids aged 7-13 years old.
  • Little Bellas – The Little Bellas is a non-profit organization that mentors girls ages 7-16 years old through the sport of mountain biking. They offer Summer camps and other various programs throughout the year.


  • SAMMBA – Sout Alabama and Mississippi Mountain Bike Association puts on a “Take Your Kid Mountain Biking” event every year. They are a non-profit organization.


  • St Louis Mountain Bike Camps – St Louis Mountain Bike Camps offers Summer camps for kids ages 8-14 years old. They also do birthday parties and have a year round youth mountain biking club you can join.
  • Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League – The MICL has programs for high school mountain bikers all the way down to your clinics. It is also a great resource if you are looking to cycle competitively in High School.


  • Bozeman Youth Cycling – Bozeman Youth Cycling has programs for kids that are in 1st through 5th grades. On there website it shows many of the programs as being full which means its gotta be a popular program. There program is year round.
  • Mount Bachelor – Mount Bachelor has Summer Mountain Biking camps for kids ages 8-15 years old. They base the curriculum towards the childs skill level and do have a downhill option for those kids with enough experience.


  • Nebraska Devo – Nebraska Devo is a skills-based developmental program dedicated to teaching kids the lifelong sport of mountain biking.


  • NICA – The Nevada International Cycling League has mountain bike programs, skills clinics & competitive races for the high school aged athlete. It is a great resource to find a competitive team in your area.
  • RenoDevo – Or Reno Tahoe Junior Cycling’s mission statement reads “RTJC strives to foster healthy, active lifestyles in our community’s youth through responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation, using the great sport of cycling.”
  • YBONC – The Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County is a non profit organization that and has a “take a kid mountain biking day” annually. They also offer extensive classes on mountain bike safety.

New Hampshire

  • SeaCoast Velo Kids – The SeaCoast Velo Kids is a mountain biking program for kids from 5th -12th grade. This is a more competitive program and they are looking for kids that are able to be coached.

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League – The NJICL organizes high school races and events. Middle school aged kids are also welcome. They also host some events that are more geared towards youth.
  • Creek Kids – Creek Kids offers a Summer Mountain Bike camp near Vernon New Jersey. The camp is open to kids ages 6-15. Kids will be divided by age.
  • JORBA – Jersey Off Road bicycle Association offers a kid mountain bike race called the Hilltop Grasshopper. The length of the race changes with how old the child is and gets longer with the older age of your child.

New Mexico

  • SF Mountain Kids – Santa Fe Mountain Kids has a Summer Camp that runs from 8:30-4:00pm daily and is for kids ages 8-16 years old. The camp takes place at the La Tierra Trails.
  • Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association – The Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association offers a “Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day” each year.
  • Angel Fire Resort – The Angel Fire Resort holds a downhill bike clinic over the Summer for kids ages 7-15 years old.

New York

  • Windham Mountain Resort – Windham Mountain Resorts offers camps for kids. It is a 2 day downhill mountain biking immersion camp.
  • Chenango Shredders – The Chenango Shredders Mountain Bike Team is a club mountain biking team that participates in local races.

North Carolina

  • Carolina Crushers – The Carolina Crushers is a middle to high school level mountain bike team. They are from the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area.
  • NCICL – The North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League is a great resource for older kids looking to take the next step in mountain biking. Kids of all skill levels are encouraged to try-out.
  • Trips For Kids – Trips For Kids is located in Charlotte. They offer camps and clinics for kids ages 9-15 years old. The also have an awesome program for kids from at risk neighborhoods where they can earn a bike.
  • Kolo Flow Bike Camp – The Kolo Flow Bike Camp is located at the Ashville Treetop Adventure Park. It’s loaded with fun obstacles and tracks for participants.

North Dakota

  • Great Rides Fargo – Great Rides Fargo has a “Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day” as well as clinics and family group rides that are geared towards the next generation.


  • COMBO – Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization offers a program called “Dirt School”. Dirt school has programs geared for adults as well as kids. The kids skills clinic is for ages 3-10 years old.
  • Rays Mountain Bike Park – Rays Mountain Bike Park is an indoor mountain bike facility with wooden trails designed for avid mountain bikers. The great part is kids are welcome to use the facility as well. At this time I didn’t see any clinics being offered but they might not be listed on the website.


  • Bike Club Tulsa – Bike Club Tulsa helps kids earn a bike through community outreach and volunteering. They are formed in groups of 20 students with about 5 volunteers.
  • Oklahoma Flyers – The Oklahoma Flyers offer programs for both road cylcing and mountain biking. You can participate in group rides throughout the year and they also have races. All rider levels are encouraged to try out.
  • BROAK – The Bicycle Racing Association of Oklahoma offers many adult groups rides and races. They do have different events that youth can participate in as well.


  • OICL – The Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League is loaded with clinics, group rides and races for older kids looking to take the next step in mountain biking. Kids of all skill levels are encouraged to try-out.
  • Oregon Youth Mountain Biking – Oregon Youth Mountain Biking offers two main programs. Trips for kids which encourages the next generation to get on two wheels. They also recently launched the NICA Racing league for those kids wanting to take their riding to the next level.


  • Camp Woodward – Camp Woodward is loaded with action sports camps. They also have a great mountain bike Summer Camp and bring in local pros to give clinics and lessons.
  • Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League – The PICL organizes local high school and middle school mountain biking events. It’s a great resource to find local teams and clubs in your area.
  • SoMont Youth Cycling Team – SoMont is youth mountain bike team in the Cheltenham, Abington, Jenkintown, Rockledge, Springfield, Lower Moreland, Upper Moreland, and Upper Dublin areas of southern Montgomery County. They compete in PICL events.

Rhode Island

  • RINEMBA – The Rhode Island New England Mountain Bike Association has events throughout the year. The Woody Hill Fun Ride is one of the events that is open to kids.

South Carolina

  • Greenville County Rec – Greenville County Rec offers a Summer Mountain Biking Camp. The camp is geared towards kids ages 6-9 years old. Kids of all skill levels are encouraged to join.
  • High Rocks Camp For Boys – High Rocks Camp For Boys offers multiple weeks of Summer Camps for boys interested in Mountain Biking. The camp is located in the mountains of North Carolina.
  • Furman University – Furman University offers a Summer Mountain Bike Camp for girls and boys ages 8-12. The camp takes place on the Furman campus. All skill levels are welcome at this camp.

South Dakota

  • Dakota Adventist Camps – While not mountain bike specific the Dakota Adventist camps do offer mountain biking as part of the activity options at their camps.


  • TICL – The Tennessee Interscholastic Cycling League organizes competitions for local high school and middle school teams. A great resource to find a local mountain bike team in your area.
  • Camp Warner Park – Camp Warner Park offers a mountain bike camp for kids ages 11-17. Taking place right at Deep Well Trailhead, Percy Warner Park, Nashville, TN. All skill levels are welcome.
  • KnoxVelo – KnoxVelo is a cycling team that also runs clinics for young riders. They are based in Knoxville.


  • Texas Mountain Bike League – The Texas Mountain Bike League is a great resource for older riders in the high school to middle school age range. They are a great resource to connect you with a local team in your area.
  • Camp Eagle – Is an action packed camp located in Hill County Texas. Although the camp offers various activities mountain biking is a big part of many of their camps.
  • TMBRA – The Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association puts on races and keeps track of results for various bike races in the state. They also have youth divisions in some of the races.


  • Young Riders – Young Riders offers a bike swap, weekly programs as well as week long camps. Most of their programs are for kids ages 5-12 years old. They are based out of the Park City area.
  • Gear Rush – Sign up early for this program as it sells out fast. They offer a Summer Mountain bike camp where the kids learn skills, etiquette and safety.
  • Park City Crash Pads – Offers a mountain bike camp for kids. Camps are divided into youth for the 8-10 year olds and the junior for the 11-14 year olds.


  • Kingdom Cycling & Experiences – The Momentum Kids Camp was so popular that they have been expanding the options each year. They offer a 3 and 5 day camp.
  • Killington Mountain School – Killington Mountain Skill offers cyclocross and cross country mountain biking camps. The camps are geared towards kids ages 13 to 18.


  • Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club – The Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club is a mountain bike team that competes in local races. They also have week long camps where kids can work on their skills.
  • Star City Cycling – Star City Cycling competes in local races. They are a youth mountain bike team located near Roanoke Virginia.
  • Green Lizard Cycling – Green Lizard Cycling is located in Reston Virginia which is a suburb just outside of DC. They have group rides and local events for young mountain bikers.


  • Sweetlines – Sweetlines offers a full suite of Summer mountain bike camps. Dirt Shredders camp, Gravity Camps are the names of a few. They take place in Issaquah Washington.
  • Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance – The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has Summer camps. There is a wide variety of camps so each child can find the appropriate camp for their skill level.
  • Washinton Student Cycling League – The Washington Student Cycling League is a great resource for aspiring middle to high school level mountain bikers.

West Virginia

  • Snow Shoe Mountain – At Snow Shoe Mountain your kids can take mountain bike classes when the weather permits. They also do private lessons as well. All skill levels are welcome.


  • CAMBA – The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association focuses on outreach for adult and youth mountain bike communities. There are many volunteer opportunities that kids and adults can participate in throughout the year.
  • Wisconsin High School Cycling League – The WHSCL is a great resource for aspiring young mountain bikers to connect with a team. They hose races and clinics throughout the year.


  • Wyoming MTB Camps – Wyomning MTB Camps puts on camps throughout the Summer. The camps take place at Gowdy Mountain and Stone Temple Mountain.
  • Casper Area Youth Mountain Bike Racing – The Casper area youth mountain bike club is a better fit for older kids in the middle to high school age range.
  • Jackson Hole – Jackson Hole offers has some epic mountain bike camps located right at the Jackson Hole Resort. Participants must be at lease 7 years old and have some mountain biking experience. Riders will be grouped by ability level.

Your Program Not Here?

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