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MountainBikingHQ is an informative blog that covers all topics related to mountain biking. We provide valuable insights for beginner to advanced riders on trail etiquette, MTB repairs & maintenance, top mountain bike trails, recommended mountain biking gear and more!

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Our Story

The allure of mountain biking has always fascinated me. Coming from a traditional sports background as a college basketball player. And then spending about 5 years in my early 30s as a recreational triathlete. I was always searching for fun outlets to stay in shape.

In San Diego, you can see numerous mountain bike trails from the freeway and finally in my early 40s I broke down and bought my first bike…a used Kona Hei Hei. Mountain biking quickly became my favorite go to activity for fitness and getting out into nature!

As a son of a published author I’ve always loved to write. I launched mountainbikinghq.com in late 2018 as means to help other new people to the sport of mountain biking. I learned so many things about mountain biking and I love sharing those lessons with others that might benefit.

MountainBikingHQ is quickly becoming a top resource for anyone searching for answers to a mountain biking question.

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