Top 5 Benefits Of Buying An Electric Mountain Bike

Top 5 Benefits Of Buying An Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are still fairly new out there, but they are definitely worth looking at. This type of bike is useful for so many different reasons besides the obvious ones that might come to mind. True, there are a few disadvantages too, but sometimes the advantages can outweigh these. 

Here are the top 5 Benefits of Buying an Electric Mountain Bike:

  1. Electric Mountain Bikes Are Great For Commuting 
  2. Electric Mountain Bikes Are High In Quality
  3. Electric Mountain Bikes Take Less Effort 
  4. Electric Mountain Bikes Help You Pace Yourself
  5. Electric Mountain Bikes Can Get You Out On The Trails More

If you are not certain if an electric mountain bike is what you need, then knowing what these benefits are can help you to decide if you should get your own electric mountain bike.

Benefit #1 – Electric Mountain Bikes Are Great For Commuting 

While you might assume that electric mountain bikes are for mountain biking, they don’t have to be. It is true that electric mountain bikes are designed to be ridden on bumpy and dirty trails; however, they can work just fine on flat roads. 

Close up of battery of an E-Mountainbike

Roads might be smoother than the average mountain biking trail but, between potholes and other forms of road damage, riding on the road or sidewalk can be just as rough. Since regular road bikes are designed for smooth riding, bumpiness wears on them after a short amount of time. 

Mountain bikes, even electric mountain bikes, are made for the rough ride and can, therefore, last you much longer. More than that, mountain bikes give you much more comfort when you are going over these bumps.

That is because mountain bikes have at least a front suspension more often than not, whereas most road bikes are rigid. This difference means that with an electric mountain bike you will have a much more comfortable ride. 

Another difference that places the advantage on the side of the electric mountain bike is the power. Electric mountain bikes are made to even go uphill, albeit at a somewhat slower rate. A regular e-bike, on its part, is only made to go on flat terrain. 

Therefore, electric mountain bikes have to have more powerful motors on them. This power means that you will get to make it further, and with possibly less effort than you would need to go the same distance on an e-bike. 

An electric mountain bike is made to handle rough trails and, for that reason, they are often made to be quite durable. The batteries also tend to be better quality than those of e-bikes. Some electric mountain bikes even have more than one battery. 

Benefit #2 – Electric Mountain Bikes Are Generally Great In Quality

There are cheaply made products of almost everything, and electric mountain bikes are no exception to this rule. However, for the most part electric mountain bikes have great quality to them. If this type of mountain bike is not made right, it is much more likely to get damaged. 

Therefore, the frame has to be extra sturdy to support the weight of the motor and the battery. The frame also has to protect both of those when you hit anything. It would not work for obvious reasons if something broke the first time you took your mountain bike out onto a rough trail. 

The suspensions must be equally of high quality, or your motor setup will get jostled far more than it can handle. However, the motors and the other electrical parts have to be able to withstand this jostling as well. 

That means that these parts have to be just as high in quality as the rest of the mountain bike. As mentioned, the batteries and motors have to have the power to help you even when you are going uphill. 

So, the electric mountain bike has to be able to generate the kind of power needed to do that. If the voltage sags too low, it can cause the battery to shut off. To help with this, some electric mountain bikes have two batteries to help carry this load. 

Since the larger part of an electric mountain bike is so well made, this often carries over into the other parts of the bike as well. After all, what is the point of having a great frame and other parts if you skimp on the handlebars or seat? Therefore, the whole of an average electric mountain bike is made of good quality parts. 

Benefit #3 – Electric Mountain Bikes Take Less Effort 

The fact that electric mountain bikes take less effort out on the trail is perhaps the first benefit that people think of when they consider getting an electric mountain bike. And this reason is entirely valid since not everyone has the amount of energy that mountain biking takes sometimes. 

The electricity is used by the motor to help push your bike forward without you having to pedal at all. Many electric mountain bikes have more than one speed, allowing you to go faster or slower as needed. Or, you can choose a function that is most commonly referred to as pedal assist. 

The pedal assist function is most often used when you are going uphill. It helps give you momentum while you are pedaling yourself. This enables you to pedal for longer without wearing out and while traveling a longer distance. 

If you do not have the energy to do a lot of pedaling, then this can be so helpful. However, eventually the battery will run out. At this point, it will take you a little more energy to pedal an electric mountain bike than it would to pedal one that is not electric. 

Due to all the extra parts, such as the motor and battery, electric mountain bikes are a little heavier than mountain bikes without these features. This makes going uphill that much harder since you have more weight that is trying to pull you back down the hill. 

Depending on the specific electric mountain bike you have, this weight difference may not be a whole lot. However, if you are going to go on an all-day mountain biking trip, then you may not want the extra weight. 

Benefit #4 – Electric Mountain Bikes Help You Pace Yourself

Not everyone is young and in good health. Sometimes, even knowing this fact and that you should pace yourself, you can easily get carried away. The trails can be gorgeous sometimes on a beautiful day, and you can just want to keep going. 

However, sometimes for your health it is better to stick to only a certain amount of time out on the trails at a time. If you have a medical condition that might result in a medical emergency, for example, then you should never stray too far from where you can get help easily. 

Electric mountain bikes can help you to pace yourself if you let them. As mentioned, eventually the battery on your bike will run out of power. If you tell yourself that you have to quit soon after your battery runs out, you will essentially have yourself a timer.

Stopping and recharging your bike’s battery and then heading out to the trails again will help ensure that you do not overdo yourself by staying out too long. Overdoing yourself is not good, even if you do not have any medical problems. 

Benefit #5 – Electric Mountain Bikes Can Get You Out On The Trails More

Finally, all of the previous four reasons combined gives you a fifth benefit, which is that an electric bike will get you out on the trails more. While electric mountain bikes can be expensive, they are still cheaper than some mountain bikes that are not electric. 

However, it is much harder to find a use electric mountain bike to buy, in part because of how new they still are. This means that you will have to buy a brand new electric mountain bike if you want to have one. 

Since you will have to pay a good amount of money for one, you are more likely to feel motivated to use it. Keep in mind that you can go faster with an electric mountain bike, so you will be further down the trail and still have a nearly full supply of energy.

So, maybe you should consider taking a closer look at getting your own electric mountain bike. While these benefits are some of the highlights, there are plenty more that might make it well worth the price. 

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